Jumping Higher: Is It Even Possible?

Jumping Higher: Is It Even Possible?

Jumping higher is useful for many different reasons, although it’s used for sport in most instances. Jumping has been something that humans have done ever since the beginning of our era, because it was a necessity when it came to hunting. We had to jump over bushes and other obstacles, and probably even over potentially dangerous situations – you’ve never lived life right until you’ve leapt over a 20 foot alligator. There’s nothing like a boatload of adrenaline to send you into a frenzy for 30 minutes, and then inevitably, right to your bed for some sleep.

When you want to jump higher, it’s going to give you an advantage in most sports. When you take a look at soccer, the person who is being targeted for a header has to get up as high as possible. They need to be able to get on top of the defender and get their heads on the ball, which is why the tallest and highest jumping players are usually the target. Just think of the best headers in the game, and you’ll begin to see a pattern – very rarely is there someone who cannot jump trying to win a header battle. The same can be said for a sport like American Football, as they need their jumping ability to clear tacklers.


Jumping over somebody who is trying to literally rip you down to the ground has to feel empowering, which is why it only makes sense that American Football players are some of the most impressive athletes you’ll see around the world. Basketball would be another perfect example, as height and athletic ability will allow you to reign supreme; if you’re good enough, you may even be able to earn yourself a multi-million dollar contract.


Jumping higher may seem like it’s very “out of reach”, but it really isn’t. If you’re willing to take some time out of your daily schedule and dedicate it to leg strength, you’ll be jumping higher in no time at all. It isn’t just about your legs though, as you’ll need to practice jumping in general. Some of the highest leapers that you see are going to be natural born jumpers, and it’s just the way that they were made. Their genetic make up allows them to be explosive and jump higher than most, so with proper training, they can do things that seem nearly impossible.

Dunking a basketball at any height under 6’0” (6 foot is probably even a bit small, but if you can jump, it shouldn’t be a problem) is a feat that you should be proud of. When you can rise up as a little person and dunk a basketball, it not only looks better, but people can blatantly see your hops. Not everyone is going to want jumping skills so that they can gloat, but it’s a very nice cherry to have on top of everything else.

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