Pump Up Those Pecs with These Workouts!

Pump Up Those Pecs with These Workouts!

If you want to have chest that’s going to have people breaking their necks for a look, you have to put in the work. You’ve probably heard it a bunch of times by now, but there’s a reason why it keeps being said; because it’s the truth. You need to feel the burn in order to build up muscle that’s going keep the girls coming back for more, and there are obviously other supplements and such that could help you out along the way.

Many people jump into the process of working out without setting any real goals, which isn’t good (although some people still find success when they do this). When you want to be successful in the act of working out and building up more muscle, you need to set goals and attempt to reach them. You need to be breaking records and eating as much food as possible for energy purposes, it’s almost like a full-time job.


Pectoral muscles will play an integral role in your everyday life, as they are one of the largest muscles in your body. Whether you are male or female, these muscles are going to remain important; although they are much more prominent in males. That’s going to ring true for just about every muscle, as males have more testosterone in their systems (for the most part). This doesn’t mean that women can’t be ripped as well, it just means that you’ll have to work a bit harder than the average male would! You’ll need the right workouts to pick from in order to keep that weight coming though, so check out some of the stuff we’re listing below.


Push-ups will remain one of your go-to workouts, as they are both easy and effective. Doing hundreds of push-ups on daily basis is going to give you a sexy chest, there’s just no way around it. When you’re always working on your chest muscles they are bound to get stronger, but you have to get creative with your approach. Push-ups will only work a specific set of chest muscles, and if you want to hit the upper and lower pectoral muscles, you’ll have to benchpress. Incline benchpress is where you benchpress on an angle, giving you more resistance and a tougher time in general. It also allows you to target every single muscle located in your chest, and not just the most “useful” ones.

If you want to really take things up a notch, you may want to consider just training in general with a lot more of a supplemental intake. The more protein and supplements you can work into your diet, the better. This doesn’t mean that you need to nearly stuff yourself full of supplements, but if you can handle the amount that you’re taking and it’s working well, there’s no reason to switch things up.

You can build a bigger and broader chest, so long as you’re willing to heed the warnings we’ve listed in this article.

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